Yoni Steam 

A Yoni or  Vagisteam is a combination of herbs that work together to  tone nourish and heal the vagina. 

The vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent tissue in the female Body. During this treatment 

moist heat opens the pores of the vaginal  tissue.  Water Vapers carry the plants medicinal benefits into the bloodstream which has a direct affect on our  reproductive system. This treatment offers tons of benefits from help with anxiety hot flashes menstrual cramps PCOS yeast, freshness, infertility and many more. For the ladies with sensitivity don't worry our herbs are certified organic by the USDA. The session last about 1 hour.

How often should treatment be done:

Postpartum pacakage 3x week for 4 weeks

Preventative Care 3-5 days before cycle

Post Cleaning & Detox 3-5 days after cycle 

Chronic conditions package 1-3 times a week 

Post surgery 6 weeks

Yoni Steam Bath Supports: 

Dark blood at begining or end of cycle 

Postpartum and post misscarriage or post DNC

Promotes fertility by toning the tissues 

Menustral Complaints & Irregular Cycles 









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